Venture Truck Hi Polished Assorted Sizes Set Of 2

By Venture

Price is for Set Of 2 Trucks

Venture Truck Hi Polished, AWAKE!

  • Polished Hanger
  • Polished Baseplate
  • Clear Purple Bushings

 Size Guide:
5.25: for boards 7.9-8.1 (8.0" focus)
5.6: for boards 8.1-8.3 (8.25" focus)
5.8: for boards 8.3-8.6 (8.5" focus)

Venture, a heritage brand since the dawn of modern street skating, make a truck focused on stability and pop. This is done by pulling the hanger forward, causing the trucks to have a wider turning circle and increased popping angle. This is all without mentioning the appealing brutalist design.