Being involved in Skateboarding and Music for so long you can see the parallels in both cultures.

Both require unlimited creative energy and a different way of thinking.
It’s with that spirit that we started Locality Store.
It’s a shop but it also serves as a space to hang out or meet up for the Creatives of the local area.
We back the things that we love from brands that represent that creativity.
In the early days of skateboarding in Melbourne we would always try and find new music from seeing what the pros were skating to in video parts.
Skating gave that music credibility and made us listen, as with what ever the skater was riding or wearing, it spoke to us.
Locality's focus will be on core skate apparel, footwear and hardware but we want it to have that vibe that classic albums give you, that timeless energy.
So we also stock a small selective range of classic vinyl.
Locality will change and progress with time just like skating itself, but we want to represent the local community and hopefully become a big part of it.
Born out of a love of skateboarding and music, locality is a product of 30 years of skating and 20 years of touring in a punk rock band.