Venture Trucks first hit the market in the 1980's and were the third brand to come out of the Ermico camp. Ermico was a manufacturer founded by Fausto Vitello. Fausto manufactured trucks for Independent & Thunder and was also involved with Thrasher, Deluxe and many other iconic San Fransisco skate brands.

Venture trucks are some of the most widely sold skateboard trucks worldwide. Thanks to their high-quality manufacturing and comparatively low weight, these trucks are well loved by street skaters in particular. As they come in a variety of sizes and models, however, everyone can find the what's they're looking for in the Venture product line. Venture's large team has proven again and again that their trucks live up to the highest standards. That's why skaters such as Brandon Westgate, Paul Rodriguez and Flo Mirtain skate with the American-made trucks.