Prince 'Love Symbol' Emancipation Vinyl

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Prince 'Love Symbol' Emancipation Vinyl

Emancipation was as expansive an album as anything Prince had ever release. A triple album constituting exactly three hours of music, Emancipation found Prince celebrating the release of music solely on his terms. “This is my most important record,” he proclaimed upon its release. “I’m free, and my music is free.” Much like Paisley Park, the recording complex in which Prince created Emancipation, the album represents the incredible variety of his influences and moods. Romance and family are key themes (“Somebody’s Somebody,” “The Holy River,” “The Love We Make”), reflecting his recent marriage to back-up dancer and muse Mayte Garcia that year. Elsewhere, Prince reflects on technology (“My Computer”) and sex (“In This Bed <0> Scream”), and offers new, upbeat grooves (“Face Down,” “Jam Of The Year”) as well as four unique covers (Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” the Philly soul classics “Betcha By Golly Wow” and “La, La, La Means I Love U,” Joan Osborne’s then-recent rock hit “One Of Us”).


LP 1 - Side A

  1. Jam of the Year
  2. Right Back Here In My Arms
  3. Somebody's Somebody

LP 1 - Side B

  1. Get Yo Groove On
  2. Courtin' Time
  3. Betcha By Golly Wow!

LP 2 - Side C

  1. We Gets Up
  2. White Mansion
  3. Damned If Eye Do

LP 2 - Side D

  1. Eye Can't Make U Love Me
  2. Mr. Happy
  3. In This Bed Eye Scream

LP 3 - Side E

  1. Sex In the Summer
  2. One Kiss at a Time
  3. Soul Sanctuary

LP 3 - Side F

  1. Emale
  2. Curious Child
  3. Dreamin' About U

LP 4 - Side G

  1. Joint 2 Joint
  2. The Holy River
  3. Let's Have a Baby

LP 4 - Side H

  1. Saviour
  2. The Plan
  3. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife

LP 5 - Side I

  1. Slave
  2. New World
  3. The Human Body

LP 5 - Side J

  1. Face Down
  2. La, La, La Means I Love You
  3. Style

LP 6 - Side K

  1. Sleep Around
  2. Da, Da, Da
  3. My Computer

LP 6 - Side L

  1. One of Us
  2. The Love We Make
  3. Emancipation