Zoo York Sunrise Complete 7.5 Sale

$120.00 $159.95

Ready to ride!
Single pressed board from Dwindle, a long lasting cold pressed design that outlives many other industry standards. 7 Ply maple deck with die cut medium grit griptape.
Great quality entry level factory built complete skateboards from Zoo York.

Looking like a freshly laid down graffiti artwork is the OG 95 Tag Logo graphics, this complete setup is ready to take you on skating adventures. Flick your first heelflip with the trick-inspiring concave shape.

Beginner-friendly and perfect for amateurs

  • This skateboard is setup with hardware that makes it nice for beginners to start nailing the basics
  • With bushings as soft as these, getting around sharp corners is no sweat
  • Since the setup is not too hardcore in either direction it will be nice for use in both street and park skating