Powell Peralta Salman Agah Lion Flight Deck 8.75


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"I along with a group of other young upstarts rode for Powell-Peralta in the late ’80s. It was my dream to have a pro model someday on Powell-Peralta and to have my name next to all the great skateboarders that made up the Bones Brigade. That dream became reality this past week when Powell-Peralta released my new pro model. This graphic is inspired by my Iranian heritage, which I’ll talk about more in the near future. It’s also a huge honor and I’m so proud to have this illustration designed by legendary graphic designer & artist, Vernon Courtland Johnson aka VCJ. In my opinion, he’s created some of the most iconic images in skateboarding’s short history. I’m very grateful for the release of my new pro board and thankful for the opportunity to have this dream become reality!" - Salman Agah

  • 8.0" x 31.45"
  • 14.0" wheelbase
  • Art by VCJ
  • Salman Agah pro model
  • Free griptape included