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Globe Pinner Classic Gold Vein Cruiser

  • $26995

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The Pinner Classic in Gold Vein is a classic pintail longboard with a kicktail.

  • 40" Cruiser board
  • Art by Melbourne Artist Sam Chirnside
  • Mellow Concave and Kicktail
  • R8 Hard Rock Maple
  • Embedded Metal Badge Detail
  • 180mm Slant Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • 65mm 78a Wheels
  • Die Cut Printed Grip Art Included

Art: Melbourne-based fine artist Sam Chirnside explores the intersection between art & design, mixing natural elements with cosmic & spiritual phenomena that aims to delve beyond the edges of consciousness through the use of mixed media techniques. The series he’s created with Globe explores the morphing of underwater life through his mind’s eye.

Resin-8 (R8) Tech: Epoxy is more aggressive than water-based glue, which is industry standard. Since epoxy is so strong, less is used yielding a considerably lighter, better deck that is stiffer and keeps its pop longer than normal water-based decks.

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