Orchill Armada Wallet Blue Corinthian

By Orchill

Classy wallet for a classy folk. Premium leather, suede and a quick access outer pocket now with a gold money clip! Now RFID protected.

  • Dimensions closed: 110 x 70 x 6mm
  • Retractable money clip
  • Elasticated securing strap
  • Premium leather design inside and out
  • No plastics used!
  • Holds up to 12 cards
  • Ultra slim profile wallet

Refined Orchill Design Ethic

Orchill was founded in 2012, purely because the market wasn’t offering a functional slim wallet. "We wanted classic design, but with added twists and refinement. A simple design philosophy of making a high-quality product means always using top-shelf leather. Nothing fake or PVC. At the same time, nothing too up itself. We keep it functional and add some colour to make it fun. Right now the wallet industry is all about making the perfect boring brown wallet. That has never been us."

"Our biggest inspiration is our audience: a person with style who knows what they like. Simplicity and luxury, without clutter. Our company mission is the same: steady growth through quality, not hype. Nothing superfluous. Just the essentials."